Considering Psychosocial Components in Patient Rehab; Jessica Werth, SPT

Going through the same injury within a year, I have developed a personal appreciation for the psychosocial aspect in patient rehab. I have learned it is draining, frustrating, and easy to fall into a trap of negativity- in the end realizing my rehab was suffering. Now, I have transformed my knowledge into how I can put this into my own practice and ultimately improve rehab for future patients. 

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Jess Werth, SPT
Where are they now: catching up with men behind The Knowbodies Talking Podcast; Megan Mitchell, SPT

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Will Boyd and Nick Bracciante of The Knowbodies Talking Podcast. Will and Nick are recent graduates from University of Pittsburgh’s DPT program. Read below to find out how they landed their first jobs, what they have gained since starting the podcast, and advice they have to offer current students.

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What to expect from NSC; Logan Buckley, SPT

Last year I was lucky enough to attend the National Student Conclave in Miami Florida. I had a great experience and am planning on going this year as well! (Just waiting on student loans to make it official) This year the NSC is in Portland Oregon on Oct.19-21. I think every student should go at least once before they graduate. Here are 4 things you should expect if you go to NSC:

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Logan Buckley, SPT