Being an Introvert in Clinicals: Opening a Conversation

Something I did not realize going into clinicals is how socially drained I would be at the end of a work shift. Although my friends might not believe me, I am an introvert. In every day conversation I usually come off as a extrovert, as I am positive and can be high energy, but the moment I get home I need to recharge and turn off my brain for a little bit.  During a day in clinic I must be β€œon” the whole day, and want to give all my patients my positive high energy self. I can go the whole day and have good energy but the moment I leave the clinic or sit down to finish up my last notes all that energy is taken away. I have a hard time finding the energy to work out, study, or socialize with friends after work. Over my past one and a half internships this is something I have struggled with, and still have not found the perfect method to combat my energy level, and getting things done after work. I have tried to force myself to go to the gym, or forced myself to study but nothing feel both are lack luster efforts due to my energy level. I still am trying to find my way and am sure there will be a time I will figure it out.

 Photo by joeshmo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by joeshmo/iStock / Getty Images

I guess the reason what I am writing this short blog is to make everyone realize that clinical's are not just about learning and growing as a therapist, but also figuring out how to navigate your life in a 40+ hour work week. I have only been in clinic for a total of 16 weeks. I am sure over time I will figure it out and find my work life balance, and what works best for me. I love what I am doing in clinic, and know this is what I want to do with my life, but just need to figure out strategies to make sure that I can have a little more left in my energy tank at the end of the day.  I am sure I am not the only one that has had difficulty with this and would love to hear what other strategies and methods people may use to help them. I usually write blogs to help people with problems like this, but this one is just to get a conversation going.