Clinical Spotlight: Recharge (Ellicott City); Megan Mitchell, SPT

 This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening of Recharge, a physical therapy clinic, CrossFit gym and mindfulness center all under one roof. From the moment I walked through the doors I could tell that this is going to be a center was special. The set-up is definitely unique from any clinic I’ve ever been in. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a formal receptionist space and waiting area. In its place is a lounge area equipped with free WiFi, a couch, tv, chairs, table and a ping-pong table. All of that plus the open floor plan, orange paint and walls covered with windows made me feel relaxed and welcomed. This is a facility that was designed with the intention of building a community not a client list. Not to mention they have turf- which I just think looks awesome.


Recharge is founded and run by Dr. Gene Shirokobrod CEO, Dr. Ryan Smith COO, and Dr. Ben Fun CFO. Their intention? To create a facility that breaks down the silos of medicine, health, fitness and wellness so that their clients can get comprehensive care from licensed medical professionals fully equipped to provide the services. I have not come across another clinic in the state of Maryland that is providing all three services: PT, CrossFit and Mindfulness.

      What is my favorite part? The mindfulness hub. I’ve seen clinics that encompass both rehabilitation and strength and fitness services. However, I have yet to come across a clinic that not only acknowledges the importance of a healthy mindset, but that is actively doing something to help cultivate and maintain one. In modern-day, mindfulness is the practice of being aware of our emotions, thoughts, body sensations, actions and our environment from a moment-to-moment basis. The idea is to be capable of using the skills of: being completely present in a particular moment in time, not being stuck or fixated in a particular mindset and fluidity, in any situation. For Recharge, part of being mindful, is having the ability to give 100% to the workout or PT session, regardless of what else may be going on in your life outside of the clinic. Their goal, amongst others, is to help their clients reduce their stress levels and give them the tools needed to be able to act in the present with full focus and clarity.


 Recharge is not only dedicated to its clients and the community of Ellicott City, but also to the Physical Therapy profession. Recharge will be hosting the APTA of Maryland’s first Learn and Lead Night on May 18th. Dr. Gene Shirokobrod will be discussing digital marketing and content creation. Additionally we are excited to announce that on June 25th Dr. Ryan Smith will be leading a Movement Analysis course for APTA of Maryland SSIG members! Recharge also has an open-door policy for DPT/PTA Students as well as PTs/PTAs to come and check out the clinic! Both Gene and Ryan have gone above and beyond to mentor and help their colleagues and future colleagues. Their contributions and dedication to our profession are greatly appreciated. We are thankful for all that they have done and can’t wait to watch Recharge grow and succeed!


Recharge is located at 5136 Dorsey Hall Drive Ellicott City, Maryland. You can find out more information on their:


Twitter: @rechargexfit

Facebook: Recharge

You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel at  Recharge LLC where they will be posting video blogs about Recharge’s journey.


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Megan Mitchell, SPT