Student Spotlight Series: The Knowbodies


Staying in the podcast lane. I wanted to begin a student spotlight series for the MD SSIG blog. As DPT and PTA students we are often busy with studying, practicals, and clinicals. However,  when a moment is free it never ceases to amaze me all the different things students dive into outside of the classroom. This series is simply to recognize students in Maryland and across the country doing great things for the profession!

Since being more active on Twitter this summer in the PT world,  I became connected with The KnowBodies Podcast. The Knowbodies Podcast is led by a group of Doctor of Physical Therapy students, Nick Bracciante, Eric Dykstra, and Will Boyd. The podcast’s goal is to create a healthier and more informed society through educational and entertaining commentary on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

My favorite episode from the podcast was the Greg Todd (@GregToddPT) interview. His passion for the profession and unique perspective is unparalleled! Make sure to check it out. Below Will gives you a little insight into "The KnowBodies":

How did your podcast come to be?

“The Knowbodies Podcast started with us sitting down having coffee one morning, discussing about wanting more from our educational experience. We were feeling stifled by the overwhelming structure of school and being creative people, we needed some type of creative outlet. We thought about blogging, but after thinking more about, we thought, why not start a podcast? From there we decided what we thought was missing in our profession was educating the general public about health and the role of conservative care outside of the clinic. So our goal has become to create a healthier and more informed society through educational and entertaining commentary on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”

 What are some highlights of your favorite experiences?

“I can’t speak for the other guys (Eric and Nick), but I would say our favorite experiences have been spending time with people we have looked up to for a long time. Nick and Eric had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Mike Eisenhart in downtown Pittsburgh while he was in town for a conference, which I know led to weeks of intensified passion for our project. Some of the most satisfying moments are hearing from people listening who have found value in the content we are producing. The goal has always been to make meaningful content that helps people live healthier and more inspired lives and any time we can even do a fraction of that, that’s what it’s all about.”

Anything you'd like to promote for you guys coming in the future:

“The plan is to getting back to doing more “Bar-side conversations” with the 3 of us talking about our own experiences in the health and wellness field, while continuing to interview inspiring and motivating people who can take complex subjects and break them down into more every day language. We have some plans in the works to do a few documentary style pieces for our YouTube site and add guest bloggers, but only time will tell what all comes to fruition! We are just happy to have a creative outlet and are humbled to get to speak with some amazing people and have the ears of so many incredible people.”

Feel free to follow these guys on all social media! Great diversity of content. You won't be disappointed! 

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