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Podcasts are on the rise like never before for everything. Comedy, cooking, name it. Convenient for your morning commute, at the gym, or free time on the weekends. After a few weeks on my first full time internship, I explored PT podcasts out there and it was endless. There is a voice for everyone and topic for all involved in the Physical Therapy profession. Check out the following below and let us know if you find others!


Voice of the Patient:

The mission of The Voice of the Patient is simple: To change lives, that is, to improve the quality of the lives we touch by improving healthcare through not only hearing, but truly listening to the voice of the patient. The facilitator is Dave Reed (@DReedPT on twitter), a physical therapist with over 10 years of clinical and administrative service in outpatient, acute care, home health, and regulatory settings. The most important lesson he has learned, though, is that excellent care is at least as much about the service as it is about the science. Probably more so.

I became aware of the podcast on episode 5 with physical therapist Jerry Durham regarding the concept of customer service. My favorite quote: "Customer service is... an attitude, it's a belief of how you treat ppl, how they're handled throughout their experience" ~ Jerry Durham (@Jerry_DurhamPT on twitter)


The Healthy Wealthy & Smart Podcast:


The Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast with Dr. Karen Litzy features top experts in health, wellness and business with a particular focus on physical therapy. They take the latest evidence, break it down and make it easy for you to apply it immediately to your everyday life. At Healthy Wealthy & Smart their goal is simple: to provide you with the best information to keep you healthy and pain-free!

About Karen:

Dr. Karen Litzy (@karenlitzyNYC on twitter) is a physical therapist and entrepreneur living and working in New York City. She has over 16 years of experience as a physical therapist and is the owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, PLLC, a concierge home health practice in NYC

I listened to the episode regarding the opioid epidemic with Dr. Beth Darnell, a clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Pain Medicine at Stanford University. She is a NIH- funded principal investigator for pain psychology research and treats individuals and groups at the Stanford Management Center. They discussed alternative treatments for patients experiencing chronic pain.

My favorite quote “The most important person on the healthcare team isn’t the doctor or the psychologist or the physical therapists – it’s the patient. If you have chronic pain, you are the most important on your healthcare team. My hope and my wish is that every person on your healthcare tea, will have a similar philosophy that is focusing on empowering you to acquire the right information and the right skills so you can best self-manage your pain and your symptoms so that you’re able to become more functional, to enjoy more of the life you have even with the heath conditions you have so you’re able to live your best life possible”


Therapy Insiders:

Therapy Insiders. Dr. Gene Shirokobrod (@therapyinsiders), Dr. Joe Palmer (@JoeDPT) and Dr. Erson Religioso (@The_OMPT), provide your inside look into the world of physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and clinical practice. Maybe I’m biased since Gene Shirokobrod is a University of Maryland-Baltimore alum but this podcast is the real deal.

Their mission is to gain inside(r) input and perspective on all the information floating around from the experts and then dissect it…figuratively. They present each of these topics and more in an objective way, and then pick them apart to get to the core of what is useful in the clinical setting. We have several prominent guests lined up for interviews to help shed light on various therapeutic topics ranging from joint manipulations, functional training, business ownership while being a clinician, sports rehab and much more.

I listened to the interview with Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) a Businessman. CEO of @vaynermedia. Co Founder of @VaynerSports. Host of #AskGaryVee show on youtube. This guy is a dude who loves the hustle of business and self-growth in whatever profession you are in. His energy is contagious and really excites me to start building my influence in the realm of physical therapy.


PT Pintcast: + @PTPintcast

Their mission is straight to it: Drink Beer, Talk PT & Record It.       Love it.

In the beginning he thought, “What if we could talk to the leading minds in PT, in a relaxed and conversational format?  What if we could talk to them like we were sharing a pint of beer with them?”

I’d say yes.

The host Jimmy Mckay (@mckayjr) is a recent graduate of the Marymount University DPT program and brings with him more than ten years of experience as a radio broadcaster. During his broadcasting career held positions of Program Director and Music Director while hosting his own mid-day a&nd afternoon radio shows on WRRV-FM & WBSX-FM.  The PT Pintcast combines his love for physical therapy, broadcasting & beer. He is the 2015 winner of the Richard E. Erhard Orthopedic Residency scholarship from the Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy.  The award is given yearly to a PT student that, “demonstrates exemplary vision, leadership and grit in the field of Physical Therapy.”

I listened to the episode regarding the life and times of the traveling PT James Spencer (@HoboHealth) . His wife and him have been traveling since 2006 across the US from Alaska to Hawaii. Was incredible to hear his journey and learn about the triumphs and trails in the travel PT realm. This podcast began with a student vision from a #NEXT conference so it’ll always be inspiring listening to its progression over time. So it’s simple: subscribe to the PT Pintcast, grab a cold beer and take to a listen.


You may be saying there’s only 4 podcasts here. Where’s numero uno?  I’ll let you explore and decide that for yourself. Keep listening and building. PT Podcast perspective is perfect for the #dptstudent & #freshpt. Good vibes only. Until next time.

Mike Ukoha, DPT

Mike Ukoha, PT, DPT