What to expect from NSC; Logan Buckley, SPT

What to Expect from NSC

Last year I was lucky enough to attend the National Student Conclave in Miami Florida. I had a great experience and am planning on going this year as well! (Just waiting on student loans to make it official) This year the NSC is in Portland Oregon on Oct.19-21. I think every student should go at least once before they graduate. Here are 4 things you should expect if you go to NSC:

1. There is a lot of energy, I mean a lot

As someone who can fake it as an extrovert but is truly an introvert, I don’t think I was fully prepared for the pure energy that is at NSC. Everyone is super nice, easy to talk to, and excited about the PT profession.  The place is buzzing. Even though at first that was a little daunting for me, it is also one of the many reasons why I love NSC. Basically, your inner PT nerd gets to shine through and allows you to geek out with thousands of other students about the profession we love.  Add in some alcoholic beverages at the nightly events and  NSC turns into one large party.

2. You will make friends/contacts without really trying

By going to sessions, talking to people in exhibit halls, and going to the nightly events, friends will basically fall into your lap. If it was not for me going with a lot of classmates last year I think I would have made even more. When you get a bunch of PT students together, you are going to find people you connect with. At NSC you get network with students as well as PTs with minimal effort and without the pressure of trying to get a job.  


3. Sharon Dunne’s Town Hall will be Amazing

If you do not know who Sharon Dunne is, you should. Sharon Dunne is the current President of the APTA and is simply amazing. For me, her Town Hall last year was the top highlight of the conference. She answers tough questions with such ease while keeping it light and humorous. Not only do you get to hear her speak so passionately about the profession, but you also get to hear what other students are thinking and what questions they have. If you go to NSC this is a must do session. Last year it was the last event Friday but I am so glad I did not miss it.


4. Professional Growth

This is not the conference to learn to new clinical application. This is the conference to learn how to take that step from being a student to being a professional PT. After talking to some classmates that went with me last year, their biggest critique was that they did not learn much clinical application. To me this is not what this conference is about. I think it is about the networking with students and PTs, as well as preparing yourself to be a better professional. I learned so much last year about communication, loan forgiveness, options for continuing ed.  after graduation, and most importantly I learned more about the profession. So, don’t let the fact that you may not learn a new joint mobilization, or treatment technique turn you away from going to NSC (although I heard there will be an awesome session on The McKenzie Method) because what I learned last year I will be able to take with me forever. This conference prepares you for what is to come after graduation and I think sometimes people don’t realize how important that is.

So hopefully you just finished reading this blog post and was like “wow I want to go to NSC” Below is the APTA NSC website where you can register. And if you are not conceived click here to change your mind .  Hope to see you in Portland!

Logan Buckley, SPT